Free Acupuncture Treatment 2023

PRICK AND RELIEVE | Beneficiaries availed the Free Acupuncture Treatment served by KOR-PHIL Traditional Acupuncture- Moxibustion Research Institute Clinic and UN-NGO WFAS Free Clinic Service Group at Business Development Center, NwSSU, February 12.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony and brief introduction marked the beginning of the activity. Prior to the actual treatment, patients underwent initial health exams and were interviewed.
Acupuncture is a traditional Oriental medicine-based approach to cure variety of diseases using needles by triggering specific points on the skin. Several patients also received chiropractic treatment in addition to acupuncture.

“Salamat kay naka-avail kami sini for free. Kaupay san pamati after. Gidara ko liwat si nanay didi kay para ma-treat or gumaan an iya kondisyon,”  one of the beneficiaries elucidated.

“These health services provided are very good project of the University to help people in Calbayog. Hopefully the partnership will extend and expand to have an Acupuncture Clinic inside the University and form part as extension program through giving free health care,”

Dr. Benjamin Pecayo - University President said in an interview.

Due to the number of recipients present, the service was extended until 6 p.m.